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Basic Listings Are Completely Free

If you are looking to add your listing to Pattaya Sport, you can do so at no cost whatsoever. All you need to do is fill out the form on our Add Listing Page with your details and once we receive them they will be reviewed and then uploaded to our database.

Premium Listings

Our premium listings are a great way to promote your business. This will give your listing a boost within the search results, it will appear in our featured section and we will also promote it through our social media too. Speak to us today about promoting your business.

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***Please note that we will donate 10% from any of our premium listings to go to the Soi Dog Foundation. This charity is set up to improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Asia. ***

Advertise With Us– Banner Space

Are you wanting to add your banner and advertise your business on any of the pages?

Please note that banner space is limited and you can also enquire through our contact form below.

Do you have Facebook or a Website?

These days with the power of social media and having an online presence is key to helping your business to succeed and to keep up with modern times.

Facebook – A Must Have

Facebook is a great tool to have and it’s completely free to use and showcase your business online. With many visitors each year arriving in Pattaya, you can use this social platform to keep everyone up to date with your business. It also has plenty of other features which will enable you to promote your services through this channel too.

Website – Your Online Shop Window

Having a website is a must to having a successful business as it lets you showcase your business in your own area on the internet. With Facebook you are limited to what you can do, having your own website is more customisable, you can have multiple pages and it will give you a greater digital presence.

Many of the businesses in Pattaya at the moment have either an incomplete Facebook page or a website that has not been updated and lacks information. However, the those that utilise Facebook and have a business website are the ones that are still open, are busy and receive a healthy income of new business.

If you are looking to update your website, looking to create a new website, or looking to re-market your business then please speak to our partners at CMD Digital today who can assist you further.

Contact them either via the contact form below or directly through their website.

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