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Are you looking for a Sports Massage in Pattaya? Maybe you have just finished an intense workout in your local gym or had a session with your Personal Trainer? If you’re wanting to aid your recovery or to ease those tight muscles then Pattaya Sport is here to help.

Our Aim is to make sure that you have an up-to-date directory of local parlours that offer Sports Massage and Spa Services in Pattaya.

By having a regular Sports Massage or Spa Treatment is a perfect way to recover and improve performance. If you have arrived in Pattaya and are training in Muay Thai, then finding somewhere to relax can help you recover after a long training day.

There are many parlours in Pattaya that offer a Sports Massage, which is why Pattaya Sport is here to point you in the right direction.

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What Is A Sports Massage?

A sports massage is usually a combination of different massage techniques that can be tailored to your affected muscle groups. These can be based on what activities you do. A sports massage that is done correctly is able to flush out the lactic acid which can build up in your body.

There different types of Sports Massage and generally they fall into two types which are dependant on your activity.

If you have an event or race that is coming up then you may want to receive a lighter massage. But, if you have specific issues with your muscles in between events then a deep-tissue massage can help problem areas.

How Does It Benefit Me & How Often Should I Get One?

Having a massage not only flushes out the lactic acid in your muscles but it can also aid athletic performance, prevent injury, reduce pain, help you relax and most importantly recover better.

If you are an active person and exercise regularly then getting a massage once per week or at least a minimum of one per month is a good baseline. This may seem excessive but massages do go a long way that helps to prevent any injuries.

People also respond differently to massages and you may have to find what works best for you which includes when you should get one. However Many people tend to get them post workout, however, pre-workout massages are beneficial also.

Come and see where you can get a Sports Massage near you in Pattaya!

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